• 202 
  • For The Love Of Music
  • Year of Production: 1989
  • Director: Shih-Cheng WANG
  • Casting: Shu-Chuan LEE、Mei-Hung HSIAO、Lee TIEN
  • Synopsis Lee Da-wei is a prodigy. Born the only son into a scholarly family, his parents put endless pressure on him to do well. Fortunately, he has found himself in music. His father forces him to go to a cram school, hoping that it will help him get into university. But Da-wei shows no interest in class and instead meets a music friend in the class, and secretly forms a band with him. A once-successful-but-now floundering record company quickly discovers his musical talent and as he becomes famous, starts to mingle with the A-list crowd. At the same time he slowly becomes estranged with his friend and former music partner. Eventually his success makes him feel lonely and fulfilled. He remembers his roots and tracks down his partner to perform with him again, finding again, the joy of music they once shared.

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