• 203
  • The Drifter
  • Year of Production: 1985
  • Director: Hsin-Hua PAN
  • Casting: Jyh-Chyi LII、Mei-Hung HSIAO
  • Synopsis A cynical young drifter, Liu, works in a restaurant but mostly plays billiards to make money. He meets Hsiao Yeh, who lives alone in Taipei and they hit it off. Young Liu asks Hsiao Yeh to live with him but doesn’t take her seriously, even though Hsiao Yeh has fallen in love with him. Young Liu slacks off at work, plays pool all the time and gets schooled by a pool shark. He loses a lot of money. In trying to get it back, he falls harder. To try to save them, Hsiao Yeh becomes a prostitute to raise money but she learns the hard way that Liu is an old dog that cannot learn any new tricks and that, through their hardships , tragedy eventually awaits them.

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