• Flag Of Honer
  • Year of Production: 1987
  • Director: Shing-Shii DING
  • Casting: Ching-Shya LIN、Shiow-Ling LEU、Wen-Shih SHIAH
  • Synopsis On July 7, 1937, the Japanese Army started Marco Polo Bridge Incident near Teiping, and Madame Chiang invited United States Air Force Colonel Chennault to organize Flying Tiger Group to come to China to render help and proceed to Japan to take photos of strategic data more than one thousand pieces, and the matter was discovered by the Glamorous Princess Kawashima Yoshiko of the puppet Manchuria Regime, who immediately went to Shanghai and personally took charge of the and on the other hand trying to arrest Chennault and head of Girl Guard Unit Chin Feng. At the time, in the British Settlement, the person in charge of “Star” Club is Chin Yen-Ling, and she has nible ability, befriends Japan, Holland to proceed with petroleum sales, and earn sudden profit therefrom, and her intimate friend Wei Sheng, is a genius in composing music, and after the July 7 Incident, he finds refuge in Shanghai, and Yen-Ling invites him as chief of programs in the Club, where Wei Sheng gets acquainted with Chin Feng. On a certain day, Chennault returns to Shanghai from Nanking, and is captured by the Japanese Army, and the Code is searched out. Yoshiko brings it and flies to Mukden Science Research Institute, but after repeated experiment, the evident image cannot be got. Chin Feng invites Wei Sheng together to try the best to deprive back the document, and they two go in and out together, just as lovers, to cause Chin Yen-Ling to be unhappy, so she accuses them to Yoshiko. In the night, in a brick pottery plant, two parties are opposed to each other. Although Chin Feng obtains the document, she is injured heavily, and Wei Sheng escapes, stealthily entering the Club to blame Yen-Ling seriously, and thus Yen-Ling begins to wake up from a dream. Chin Feng’s first boy friend in love is murdered by Kawashima in Mukden Incident, so Chin Feng has national as well as private hatred toward Yoshiko, and frequently finds opportunity to make desperate fight with Yoshiko, thus not only it fails to care for her own safety and danger, but also it influences the success and failure of the organization, so that her senior of ficer Pa Shan takes back her work certificate and the pistol. Chin Feng lies ill in bed alone, feeling doubly lonely. Just then Wei Sheng comes for a visit, inviting her to follow the government to move to Chungking, and her heart is slowly touched, but she promises to take the Christmas dancing party as the last chance for revenge. On Christmas eve, the Japanese Army holds Photography exhibition of “Nanking Occupation Great Slaughter” in the Star Club. Chin Feng disguises as a United States lass, finds opportunity to approach Yoshiko, and when she is taking out her pistol, Pa Shan is captured owing to secret revealed, and Yoshiko intends to go, while Chin shoots hurriedly, and Yoshiko is shot on the shoulder, and her guards cover her to go away. Chin Yen-Ling hastily call the high ranking army officers to gather in the rest room for wine drinking, and Chin Feng, pistol in hand, singly intrudes into the rest room, but surprisingly discovers several generals fall dead on the ground, and Chin, noxious wine in hand, also dies at the same time with them. At dawn, Wei Sheng awaits Chin Feng on a United States battleship, and when it starts sailing, Chin Feng comes Rapidly, and all call Chin, but Chin waves hand in tears, and Wei Sheng knows Chin Feng never forgets “Chennault File”, and just sees Chin Feng stand singly on Huangpu Beach Head, listening to the river flowing!

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