• A Way We Go
  • Year of Production: 2001
  • Director: Tong WANG
  • Casting: Rui-Zhe CHANG、Kang-Sheng LEE、Ying SHIN、Ying WEN
  • Synopsis For the past forty years, Ah Long has headed up a traditional Chinese musical troupe. But times are changing, and the troupe members leaving one by one, Ah Hui, is an aimless slacker with no plans for the future. Ah Hui’s best friend is Ah Gou, a young man who works as a welder making metal gates. One day, Ah Gou finds out that the two doors to their local temple, with door gods painted on them, are in fact antiques of great value. Desperate for money, he and Ah Hui steal the doors and sell them to a dealer in stolen artifacts next time Ah Gou visits the dealer to sell him something, he discovers him lying on the floor, dead. Just as Ah Gou is picking up the gun which he has found next to the body, the police arrive, and in a panic, he takes the gun with him and runs away. Ah Long has won round-trip tickets to New York city in the local gambling pool. He and his wife, along with a few other friends, travel in a small tour group to Manhattan. One day they are all having a meal in an American restaurant, they discover the stolen doors of the temple in their small town back in Taiwan being used as decoration in the main dining area. They negotiate with the owner to buy the doors from him, and they ship them back. That night they celebrate their accomplishment with a round of drinks. Ah Gou is desperately fleeing the authorities and seeks shelter with Ah Hui, hiding in Ah Ming’s pigeon coop. Ultimately, to the sound of Ah Long and the other tour group members’ cheerful singing under the bright lights of New York City, there is a final shootout between the police, Ah Gou, and Ah Hui on the rooftop in Taipei.

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