• The Last Salute
  • Year of Production: 2000
  • Director: Aur-Shiun JIN
  • Casting: Wei-Teh HUANG、Zong-Hua TUO、Yih-Jing SU
  • Synopsis Xiao-hua is a boy who lives with his mother. His mother is a street vendor who sells soft drinks outside of a military base. In order to earn more money from soldiers, she has to flirt with them. Xiao-hua has a dream. That is , to become a great soldier. For new soldiers at military troop number three, fulfilling obligatory military service is waste of life. They take advantage of Xiao-hua’s dream and curiosity, asking him to run some annoying errands for them. The commander knows clearly that these soldiers are very handy, and the only thing they lack is sense of responsibilities. Xiao-hua’s hardworking attitude inspired and helped these soldiers morale. Later, Xiao-hua stays in the hospital for not feeling well. He then discovered that he will die soon. Now his biggest dream is to put on a mighty soldier uniform and to inspect troops. After these soldiers find out about his dream, they decide to help him and strive for the supervisor’s approvals. Finally, after military officers approvals, Xiao-hua is able to, weakly, inspect the troops in his beloved uniform. When orderly troops march and salute to him, he feels that his life, though facing pain and death, is still full of glory and pride.

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