• Eat Drink Man Woman
  • Year of Production: 1994
  • Director: Ang LEE
  • Casting: Guey-Mey YANG、Winston CHAO、Chian-Lian WU、Shiung LUNG、Yu-Wen WONG
  • Synopsis Trouble is brewing for old Mr. Chu, the greatest living chef of Taipei, and the father of three grown and rebellious daughters. It’s been years since. Mr. Chu’s wife died, leaving him to raise Jia-Jen, a school teacher seemingly devoted to her father, Jia-Chien, a driven executive who can barely stand her father’s company, and Jia-Ning, the youngest and most hopelessly romantic of the lot. Enter old Mrs. Liang, the nagging widow who’s just moved in next door, and suddenly the whole caln is wondering if Mr. Chu will soon be cooking for someone new…… But in the meantime, someone gets pregnant, someone else gets dumped, someone dies, and someone finds true love, and don’t be surprised to be completely surprised by what happens to whom! In this deliciously heart-warming comedy, director Ang Lee (THE WEDDING BANQUET) once again cooks up a feast of surprises and emotional twists, as traditional family ties come unraveled and marvelously knitted together again.

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