• Trust Me,You Cain Make It!
  • Year of Production: 1997
  • Director: Bor-Shen LIN
  • Casting: Shin TIEN、Chia-Lin PARNG、Hsing-Wen LI、Geng-Hung LIU
  • Synopsis The army: a stronghold of manliness, a symbol of machismo. But out of nowhere comes a group of female students from colleges across the country to grace the military camp at Cheng Gong Ling with their presence. They have arrived ready to face what will be the first military experience of their lives-and likely their last. Donning military uniforms doesn’t mean losing their femininity, of course. This fact, in the fact of the rigid rules and exacting demands of their team leader, results in a variety of hilarious situations. Meanwhile, the women continue to strive to meet military requirements, one by one cutting short their long hair and eventually making it through by mutual encouragement and support. In the end, they manage to survive the ultimate test; a battlefield simulation. After this moving display of cooperation, even the army officers start looking at them in a different light. When training is over, they must return their equipment and go back to their normal lives. But changing back into civilian clothes doesn’t mean changing back into their civilian selves; the women find that they still retain remnants of their military habits. Even as they reluctantly wave goodbye to each other and part ways, each of them knows that this brief period of time in their lives will undoubtedly also be the most memorable.

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