• Fire Baseball Without Wind
  • Year of Production: 2002
  • Director: Bing-Huang JONG
  • Casting: Wei-Teh HUANG、Kwan-Yi LEE、Jiun-Wei WANG、Jey-Shian LIN
  • Synopsis In a conservative town, the elementary school principal is facing a severe financial problem. If the only small-league baseball team in the school can’t win again, the school will be shut down. Ms. Lee, a teacher in the school, decides to take on the responsibility as a team coach. However, she has never participated in any official baseball game despite her father’s glorious baseball history. Now the only choice she has is to teach kids to play baseball in a primitive way. Kao-ming and Yi-luo are on the run because of the glitches that occurred during their gambling for baseball games. Good baseball players like them happen to have the worst luck in the world. They two flee to this small conservative town and encounter the determined Ms. Lee as well as a bunch of adorably cute kids. They slowly develop a bond together and focus on training these kids to become professional baseball players. The story unravels: how will they deal with mafia’s hunting? How will they help this small league win? How will they resolve all the crisis?…

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