• Tropical Fish
  • Year of Production: 1994
  • Director: Yu-Hsun CHEN
  • Casting: Yin WEN、Cheng-Sheng LIN、
  • Synopsis Ah Jiang, a graduating junior high school student, is facing the tough high school entrance examination. Because of his low grades, he frequently blamed by his parents and humiliated by his classmates. To escape from this overwhelming pressure, he spends a lot of time in the arcades playing video games. He imagines himself as the super hero in his favourite game “Street fighter” and he can defeat all evil characters. One day, Ah Jiang sees that a little boy, Dao Nan, is kidnapped by two men. Out curiosity, Ah Jiang follows them and intends to rescue the boy. But he ends up being kidnapped also. While the kidnappers, Ah Ching and the Boss, are still trying to figure out how to ask for the ransom, the Boss dies in a car accident. Ah ching, a rather kindhearted fellow, decides to take the kids back to his hometown. In his hometown, Ah Ching discusses with his relatives and they decide to call the kids’ parents. Both sides agree to meet in Dan Sui. The meeting falls apart because each side goes to a different Dan Sui. Since Ah Ching was too poor to have much education, he encourages Ah Jiang to study hard. While waiting to arrange another meeting, Ah Ching provides books for Ah Jiang to prepare for the entrance examination. Because the hometown police men become suspicious of Ah Ching’s activities, he brings the kids onto a fishing boat. He establishes a friendly relationship with the kids. When the police catch up with them, the kids say that Ah Ching is their rescuer instead of kidnapper. Police immediately rush Ah Jiang back to Taipei to take the entrance examination.

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