• 203
  • Looking Out At The Sea
  • Year of Production: 1984
  • Director: Tung WANG
  • Casting: Ming-Ming SU、Hsiao-Feng LU、Ru-Feng MA
  • Synopsis While on the train, prostitute Bai Mei runs into her former brothel sister Yin Yin. Yin Yin has married, given birth to a child, and has a happy new life. In meeting Yin Yin , Bai Mei remembers their difficult times at the brothel together, recalling the painful memories. Back then, Bai Mei, born into a family of six children, was sold to a brothel by her stepfather, so she could make money and support the family. At the brothel, Bai Mei meets a kind-hearted fisherman and decides secretly to have his child. When Bai Mei gets pregnant, she leaves the brothel, and returns to where her mother gave birth to her. After her son is born, Bai Mei decides to take him on the train to go to the fishing port, where she hopes to find the boy’s father. On the way, she looks out at the sea and hopes for her son’s bright future.

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