• Cold
  • Year of Production: 1987
  • Director: Yo-Ning LI
  • Casting: Jyh-Shi LI、Jye-mei YANG
  • Synopsis In the spring of 1987 in Taipei, Su Chen-Kuo, an American retuned student, returns to his mother country, and besides visiting relatives, he will still find some friends, one is Huang I-Mei, a girl once in love with him, another is Liu Mei-Feng, mixed blood of Chinese and American. They get acquainted with one another in the winter of 1987 in the activities of enjoying snow scenes at Ho Huan Mountain. In that winter, these big children, fully entertain the mood of expectation to enjoy snow scenes. On the high mountain at 3400 meters elevation above sea level, there is meanwhile stationed a troop receiving operation training for cold localities. The good circumstances don’t last long, next morning after they go up the mountain, the radio broadcasts the news of the United States severing diplomatic ties with the Republic of China. Boys and girls, painful at heart, join the ceremony of hoisting the national flag of the troop. And when the national flag is slowly hoisted, these big boys and girls and the soldiers can not help singing loudly in unison “National Flag Song”. Under the shade of dark atmosphere in the barracks of Ho Huan Mountain, Liu Mei-Feng, unable to stand the humiliation of the easily excited big boys, very sad, rushes deep in the mountain, and together with su Chen-Kuo, Huang I-Mei, who go to find her, are lost in the mountain. Through the search by the winter training troop for one day and night, and by sending out helicopter, they are safely rescued back to the barracks. They have no predestined relationship to see snow in daydreaming, but the experience of climbing the mountain this time gives them the deepest impression in their heart. After they go down the mountain, there is another starting point of a period of growth. Su Chen-Kuo and Huang I-Mei go respectively abroad to the United States to study, and they separate owing to a misunderstanding in their still not yet maturing love, and in the society of a wide different country. they both have different stories and circumstances. Later Huang I-Mei first returns to Taiwan to be a reporter, and Su Chen-Kuo continues to study for the degree of Doctor. Once by chance, he finds the father of the mixed blood, and makes video tape recording for this visit. Nine years later, in a chain store for instant food in Taipei, he meets the store manager, Lu La-La formerly in the China Youth Corps, and together they talk about the details of these years, and also fecollect the travel of Ho Huan Mountain of the former time. He entertains the mood of recontinuing the old predestind relationship to find Huang I-Mei, and she is already a sophisticated and experienced female reporter. He also finds Liu Mei-Feng, and she is not the unrestrained girl as before, and seeing her, Su Chen-Kuo determines never to tell her about the matter of the video tape.

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