• The Hole
  • Year of Production: 1998
  • Director: Ming-Liang TSAI
  • Casting: Kuei-Mei YANG、Kang-Sheng LEE、Tien MIAO
  • Synopsis Seven days to the twenty-first century. Somewhere in Taiwan, the rain won’t let up, A mysterious disease reaches epidemic proportions. The government demands a massive transfer our of the quarantine zone. But some residents still refuse to move away. In a run-down public housing building, a man is awakened from a nap by the doorbell. A plumber has been sent by the downstairs neighbor, who has been complaining of a leak. The plumber doesn’t solve the problem, but does leave a sizeable hole in the middle of the man’s living room. The man doesn’t mind the hole much. In fact, he finds the hole useful for learning about his downstairs neighbor, a woman who stockpiles toilet paper. He quickly becomes fascinated by her to the point that he doesn’t want the plumber to come back. Then comes the fatal day when his neighbor develops the symptoms of the mysterious disease…A love story for the millennium.

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