• 203
  • Yes,Sir!
  • Year of Production: 1987
  • Director: Ao-Xun JIN
  • Casting: Zong-HUA TUO、Hsing-Wen LI、Mei-Hung HSIAO
  • Synopsis Lin Wei-yang is an idealistic but lonely rebel. Song Si-Lang tries to avoid being drafted by losing weight and failing the physical. Tsao shih-Jong is a shy and weak boy from a wealthy family. Ou Ping owes a gambling debt and enlists so that he can avoid paying back what he owes. This group of misfits face the harsh training of Drill Sergeant Sun, but despite his seemingly cruel and intense ways, these boys grow to learn their share of lessons. Slowly, they begin to understand and appreciate their drill sergeant and realize life in the army isn’t bad after all.

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