• 203
  • Basketball Dreams
  • Year of Production: 1987
  • Director: Gin-Hu Tung
  • Casting: Jyh-Chyi LII、Chyong-Jyy JANG
  • Synopsis Basketball fan Yu Bing falls for the school’s basketball star Li Wei. He is embarrassed by Li Wei’s friend at a dance, in danger, writes an article, attacking Li Wei for her lack of team spirit. When Li Wei finds out, she calls him out to explain. A relationship between them ensues but after a while, Li Wei starts to focus on her own future and stops seeing him. Meanwhile Su Li, a girl with a Crush on Yu Bing, tries to get close to him. While drunk, Yu Bing, mistakes her for Li Wei and sleeps with her. Li Wei, in trying to escape her family problems, goes abroad to study. Su Li also emigrates with her family, leaving Yu Bing alone on the basketball court to figure out his own future.

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