• 203
  • The Killer's Elegy
  • Year of Production: 1984
  • Director: Yo-Ning LEE
  • Casting: Kuo-Tso CHANG、Ray-Chi LIU
  • Synopsis One day, Hong Kong Special Forces ace Detective Lan-Bo, while off-duty at a nightclub, gets into a fight with foolish Weng shih-Chieh. Ex-convicted cop Chang Chi-Hua, who was arrested by Lan-Bo, sees the fight and gets his revenge on Lan-Bo by beating him up in the parking lot. He takes his gun, attacks innocent bystander Kai-Di and Weng Shih-Chieh, frames Lan-Bo, who gets blamed and goes to prison. Determined to find out who framed him, Lan-Bo escapes form prison. But as he uncovers what really happened, he learns that sometimes the truth may not be as it seems.

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