• The Two Of Us
  • Year of Production: 1986
  • Director: Yo-Ning LI
  • Casting: Feng SHIN、Ming-Ming SU、Ger-PU PAN
  • Synopsis In the wake of the collapes of business, dad has creditors coming around to force reimbursement of debts every day. Mommy divorced the dad, and Chiang Chiang, 7, is under the guardianship of dad. Dad fails to get a job. Chiang Chiang cannot adapt himself to the life of no money, no mother. He then argues with dad. Being upset, dad turns to a bar talking with friend. This old friend, however, just swindles away all the paltry money dad has left. Having been further shocked by the cruality, dad comes home and finds Chiang Chiang sleeping on a sofa alone. He is determined to do something. He sells his house and takes Chiang Chiang to Chitsin for a new start. Day after day, dad fails to get a job. In a stormy night, Chiang Chiang helps the dead drunk dad home. As dad wakes up on the next day, Chiang Chiang has a serious fever. For Chiang Chiang, dad tries to get the job as a security guard of container company regardless of honor. Unexpectedly, at that site, he encounters mommy who has been successful in business efforts. On mommy’s birthday, Chiang Chiang selects a birthday card for her. Dad write on the reverse side: “Perhaps we didn’t do a good job previously. Anyway, I must thank you for giving me such a wonderful son. Bye, and good luck!”

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