• Love Is Love
  • Year of Production: 1986
  • Director: Shu-Sheng Chang
  • Casting: Tsun-Hsiung KO、Chiung-Tse CHANG
  • Synopsis Playboy Pi Kong-Hou fell in love with a beautiful sexy star Miss Shan-Shan. On the wedding ceremony, the lady declared that she would retire from the show business from then on. Pi also swore not to gamble any more. Unexpectly, Pi broke his promise and sneaked out to gamble with Li Po-Hsiung of Macau on that very night. Although he won all the games, he was murdered by killer A-Piao on his way back. When the ghost of Pi went back to his bride and told her about the murder, explaining that Shan Shan should be the only person who could see him due to their real love but Shan Shan would never accept Pi’s ghost presented at the funeral where he saw his friends lamenting him with sorrow songs. Even the murderer A-Piao also came to express his deep regret for the krilling. Pi was very much moved by the scene. When Shan Shan asked to make love with him at night, he couldn’t refuse and satisfied her through God’s approval. Owing to the unique skill in gambling, Pi won the bet with Goal and was eventually sent back to earth as a nomal humanbeing.

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