• Honor Thy Father
  • Year of Production: 1989
  • Director: Nien-Jen WU
  • Casting: Ma WU、Keiko Suzuka、Ching-Tao MA
  • Synopsis “Honor Thy Father”. This is a book written by Wang Ten-mei, mother of Wang Chen-chih, the world renowned Japna-based Chinese baseball player. In the year 1927, Wang Ten-mei married a Chinese citizen Wang Shih-fu in the midst of then height of the social unrest. Two years later, they purchased a Chinese noodle house where three children were born to them. On May 10, 1940, Wang Chen-chih, the youngest son, was born in an awful health shape. He even couldn’t walk until he was two years old and looked awfully skinhy. His mother turned to a temple, praying for Buddha’s blessing. Wang Chen-chih was one of the twins. But in his early boyhood, another twin sister died. As the local felks believed, when one of the twins dies, the other could not possible live. Now, Wang Ten-mei had to visit both the Buddha temple and hospitals all the time. In his primary school days, Wang Chen-chih began growing taller and began playing baseball stealthily because his father disagreed. Shortly thereafter, when he was a first year student in sonior high school, he began winning widespread fames in the baseball circle. He wore No. 1 in the baseball games. Thanks to his extraordinarily outstanding performance, his baseball team won the championship. He further ascended the ladder of further success in the Giant Team. His name virtually became a household word the world over. He remained in the worldwide fames until he retired in the year 1981.

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