• Strawman
  • Year of Production: 1987
  • Director: Tung WANG
  • Casting: Po-Chou CHANG、Shen-Li JO
  • Synopsis During the last years of Japanese occupation in Taiwan, as tenants from the preceding generation, the family of Chen Fa and Chen Kuo-Tsui two brothers was suffering from poor harvest. With a deaf old mother, a mental disordered sister whose husband was killed in war overseas, and a bunch of children with no productive ability, it was not hard to imagine that they were really poor. The landholder went to the country to find refuge, the two brothers entertained him with all their heart. But no one would ever know that after the full-hearted treatment, the landholder declared that all the dry farmland would be sold out. The next day, a heavy unexploded bomb fell down from the sky on the two brothers’ small farmland and brought a shock to the whole village. The sergeant was pleased because it was a great chance for his promotion, a wish for a long time. The brothers warshiped the “gift for the Emperor of Japan” just as they worshiped their ancestors. Then under the serious escort of the sergeant, the bomb was on the way to the town for the superior. On the way through the rugged mountain path, conditions happened all the time to the bomb. The sergeant and the two brothers all showed their spirit for “bomb first, life second” and carried the bomb into the town. But who could have expected that the Japanese were frightened by the bomb and ordered them to throw it into the sea. They were disappointed and could do nothing but obeyed the order. The bomb exploded when thrown into the sea. A great number of dead fishes come out of the sea. The two borthers rushed into the water to collect the fishes and took off their trousers to load fishes. The two brothers came back home. When they saw their exciting family enjoy the fishes, they felt that God is fair. Luck will come from the heaven anyway.

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