• Beanana Paradise
  • Year of Production: 1989
  • Director: Tung WANG
  • Casting: Cheng-Che MIU、Shih CHANG、Ching-Ya Tseng
  • Synopsis It describes about a man, “Door Latch”, he followed the Government and moved to Taiwan in 1949. They concealed their real name and got many trials and afflictions to adapt the circumstances in the special environment. Yueh-Shiang is a classic woman in China country. For requiting the graciousness of saving life and under-standing of “Door Latch”, she recognized the fortune and suffered hardship to teach their children without any complains for her life. It’s very touching that “Door Latch” looked after his friend, Lee Der-Sherng, as his family. For his life, he took the place of another under false pretences to get a job. He suffered many difficulties and interesting things, but finally he could face the problem and solved it. They grew their children up in the hardship life. During this period, the Government spread the new circumstance. When the Government opened visiting parents to the China Mainland, they suffered a great stimulation. Finally the secret was discovered, they stood the sorrow and curbed the experience of their lifetime……

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