• The Blessed Foolish Guys
  • Year of Production: 1985
  • Director: Ao-Hsun JIN
  • Casting: Feei JANG、Miin-Ran NI、Chyong-Jyy JANG、
  • Synopsis Washington D.C., USA – Herman Melville Energy Research Foundation, A senior researcher Dr. Chang Peng-Fei, an overseas Chinese, is explaining to all members the composicion of chemical molecule of super-Uranium and its purpose, which arouse all at tendants’ greatest interest and expectation. Since such Super-Uranium is the new direction for all energy scientists in the whole world. Theoretically, the great invention is extremely perfect. The research group has achieved 90% success in the Lab. Almost every reporter in Tokyo is present in Haneta Airport. They are all awaiting anxiously in the Exit Lobby. At last, Dr. Chang appeared under the protection of guards. In the VIP Room, Dr. Chang briefly introduces his invention. Every representative of Japanese scientific world is breathlessly gazing at the process of the formula “C31 O12 N – 1H316 S2K14S1 “. The most wonderful of the experiment is – just to put Super-Uranium into the water and shake, the water will soon produce energy through combustion. In other words, the Super-Uranium will replace the position of Petroleum. As a result, the structure of politics and economics of the world will form a new balance of power. The human being will not face another energy crisis. This is a great step of the civilized world. In the Conference Room of Middle East, South Yemen, OPA Multi-nations Petroleum Company, there are gathered many representatives from every oil producing countries to hold an emergency meeting find a measure. General Choweick suggests to release the pressure by assassination and recommend strongly the killer Ni Tung-Tien to execute the mission. After having watched the film of killer Ni’s successful assassination in the past, everybody looks highly towards the Poler Face Killer. When appeared Ni Tung-Tien, every OPA member really feels trembling with fear by Ni’s cold and cruel character. They all agree to pay Ni a great deal of money to execute the assassination at Dr. Chang’s next stop – Taipei Super-Uranium Announcement. But when killer Ni walks out of the Conference Room with a suitcase of weapon, everyone finds that he and his followers are not as brave as their performance in the film. Ni Tung-Tien and his two followers check in the Hotel of Angles at suburban Taipei under the cover of OPA members. They receive the warmest reception of the Manageress Lee Li-Li, Other members of the Hotel are disgusted at the Manageress’ extremely different treatment to VIPs and staffs. Ni Tung-Tien and his followers begin their Sand Table Esercise. According to their investigations to every available corner of the Hotel, the agenda of the announcement and the schedule of Dr. Chang, they design a lot of assassination plans……Then, the dumb killer and the silly lucky star start to chase around and turn the whole Hotel upside down.

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