• Last Romance
  • Year of Production: 1989
  • Director: Fan YANG
  • Casting: Ch'u-Hung CHENG、Man-Yu CHANG、Ho Chien Ch'en-Wu
  • Synopsis In a sunny rain, the 17-year old Nan-sun Chiang and Chu Su su met each other while borrowing the umbrella. Nan-sun was born in a rather well-off family and Su-su was an orphan. Though living in different environments, their friendship was deeply rooted. Later, when they both met Chia-ming Sung, at the age of being unaware of love, they thought they could share Chia-ming’s friendship. Affter a short getting together, Chia-ming went back to Japan, While Nan-sun went on with his study and Su-su by mistake tell into the social circle. Five years went by. Nan-sun became a designer of a fashion company and Su-su became a renouned woman in the social world. Nan-sun met Chia-ming again. Nan-sun found that Chia-ming had fallen in love with Su-su but himself also wanted to get Su-su’s love. Finally, he found that he should not be so selfish and decided to bring Chia-ming to Su-su. When Su-su met Chia-ming again, she was about to marry the son of a King of Sea Liners, Mr. Hsie. They regretted for having met too late. For the promised marriage, Su-su had to leave Chia-ming and marry. Mr. Hsie reluctantly. Chai-ming, with a broken heart, went back to Japan. When they were 27 years old, Nan-sun had become a famous fashion designer in Hong Kong. Due to her unhappy nuptial life, Su-su went to Japan to sec Chia-ming and the spark of love flared up again. Su-su decided to give up everything for love. However, economic recession swept over Hong Kong and in order to help a Mr. Lee who ever helped herself, Su-su resolutely severed the love with Chia-ming and became a social butterfly again.

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