• Osmanthus Alley
  • Year of Production: 1987
  • Director: Kwen-Hou CHENG
  • Casting: Sheau-Fen LUH、Shiow-Ling LIN
  • Synopsis The fate of Ti Hung seems to be destined when she is born, just as her broken plam lines. Her parents die when she is twelve, and when she is sixteen, her younger brother relying upon each other for life is drowned to become food for fish. That year, she determines to change her fate,swearing to forget about the povetry, no dependence she has suffered, and Chin Chiang-Hai, the young fisherman who first intrudes into the door of her heart. Based upon her famous clever hands at embroidery and three-inch lilies, her feet deformed by foot-binding, she is married into a rich family. But fate doesn’t change. She becomes a widow at twenty three, and that year her son is only five. In her thirtieth year, she finally defeats all her surrounding elders, and becomes the Mistress of a family. In her own kingdom, she possesses all. But she fails to defeat the love desire lying low in her own heart and the blame on fate, and that year she finds herself pregnant, and the other party is her personal male servant, just because he has a face nearly similar to that of Chin Chiang-Hai. This is the second time she faces the challenge of fate, but the difference is, this time she doesn’t escape, and she faces it strongly, and then, she wins. This woman lives to the age of seventy five. When she is going to die, she begins to understand the lonely fate of this life seems to be destined When she is born, just as her broken palm lines.

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