• A Drifting Life
  • Year of Production: 1995
  • Director: Cheng-Sheng LIN
  • Casting: Kang-Sheng LEE、Vicky WEI、Yu-Wen WANG、Grace CHEN
  • Synopsis The film, with a half-documentary style, offers a picture of the people lived in the village and their lives in the earlier 50’s Taiwan women-mourned for their sorrowful lives for being a wife and a mother. Women have to be obedient to their father & mother-in-law; women have to nurse their children. However, men-must be a “man.” Instead of living in a stable life, he would rather go after a vagabond existence, pursue love outside his hometown, and release himself for freedom, even he lost his wife. An extraordinary film portrayed three generations of women’s lives in Taiwan.

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