• Bad Moon
  • Year of Production: 2004
  • Director: Chi YIN、Willing LU
  • Casting: Lam LEE、Samantha KO、Estrella WEI、Kimi XIA、Ting CHEN
  • Synopsis While preparing for a conference, famous columnist, Chang Hui-hsin, stays at a remote mountain resort with her husband, Lee Hsien-lin, a cosmetic surgeon. Their plans for a quiet and relaxing stay take a detour when they find out that a mysterious actress, Lu Ping, is staying next door. Lu Ping catches the attention of Hsien-lin and things start to heat up between them. In her husband’s neglect, Hui-hsin starts to have visions of her daughter, Amy, who died of a suicide a year before. The trauma and subsequent schizophrenia caused by her daughter’s death returns. Hsien-lin, while trying to deal with his wife’s declining mental state, tries to hide his involvement with Lu Ping. As the couple’s relationship comes under strain, Amy appears more and more frequently. Questions about Amy’s death start to arise. As Hui-hsin thinks back about what happened, she remembers finding Hsien-lin and Amy drunk, in a compromising position. Details about what happened with Amy begin to surface and soon it is obvious that there is more going on than meets the eye. As distrust starts to fester and suspicions about Amy’s death abound, Amy’s sudden reappearance has everyone on edge and wondering if their past, like a bad moon rising, has come back to haunt them…

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