• Top Gear
  • Year of Production: 1999
  • Director: Ao-Hsun JIN
  • Casting: Chi-Yao CHANG、Shu-Ping CHIANG、Shie-Ing CHEN、Show-Chi HUANG
  • Synopsis School A has gifted athletes, ultra-modern facilities. And the best sports record of any of the local high schools. School B does not. School A’s students are disciplined, industrious. And motivated by a headmaster who smugly recruits the best runners. Jumpers, and swimmers from all over Taiwan. School B’s students are not. So what happens when a motley crew of friends from School B. led by the charismatic and independent-minded Hsiao-Hu, decide to save the school from being closed down by challenging School A’s champion athletes to a bicycle race? A series of events which teach Hsiao-Hu and his friends valuable lessons about friendship, faith, and why sometimes losing is the best thing that can happen to you.

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