• A Piggy Tale
  • Year of Production: 1991
  • Director: I-Cheng KE
  • Casting: Jay KAO、Shen-Ni TOU、Yen-Ru CHENG、Shiang-Yun HOUNG、Shu-Fua JOU、Youn Fong LI
  • Synopsis Dolly – a lively, adorable little girl from the mountain region. Due to the death of her parents and having no relatives, she was sent to her parents close friend, Mrs. Chu’s care. As living environment and customs are different, when Dolly and her mini pig playmate, Guava, first came to Taipei, they brought a great change in the life of the Chu family and created a series of thrillinz amusing incidents. The Chu family loves Dolly very much as if their own, did their best for Guave; the only son of the Chu family, Chu Pi, accompanies Dolly to and from school everyday. As Dolly has to have Guava with her for company, it also added a lot of perplexity and upheaval to the school. Chu Pi has some very good classmates. They are Kao Kuai, Liao To, Liao Hao, Blue Angel, and Jou Tsung. One is more intelligent than the others and naughtier. Aside from going to school together ordinarily, the rest of the time they play and frolic together. When they learned that Chu Pi had a new sister and Guava the mini pig their life became magnificent. One day, Papa chu brought Guava to the office but negligently lost it. When Dolly heard that Guava got lost, she was very sad and decided to leave home to search for Guava. In order to help Dolly, Chu Pi called his buddies to join Dolly in the search for Guava. An interesting, worrying search journey by a group of children began. They followed the tract of the mini pig, from the baseball stadium to the market, supermarket, roads and streets, parks, airport, farms, construction sites empty houses, etc., the pig was taking a risk, the children were also taking a risk, but finally found Guava in the lake. – Could Guava Swim? Could Dolly Swim? What will happen to them? The film [DOLLY] will give you a satisfactory answer. Come and see [DOLLY’S CITY RISK] – a film full of joy, warmth, and emotion, guaranteed to give you the best memory.

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