• When The Ocecan Is Blue
  • Year of Production: 1988
  • Director: Ching-Sung LIAO
  • Casting: Tao WANG、Yueh-Yun LIN、Wei-Hsin CHEN、Pa AN
  • Synopsis Story Synopsis of “When the Ocean Is Blue” Hsiao Tung and Hsueh are two very lovable brother and sister, but as their parents are determined to divorce, it brings about very great injury to them psychologically. Hsiao Tung and young aunt Lo Pi-Wen are very friendly, and Pi-Wen ofter tells nursery stories to Hsiao Tung, and before and after the divorce, Pi-Wen and her boy friend Hisao I-Heng just play the role of consoling these two brother and sister. On an occasion, Hsiao Tung and Hsueh Hsueh go to the home of Grandfather-in-law and Grandmother-in-law, at the seaside of Tanshui, the sea water is a piece of blue, and that is the happiest time for Hsiao Tung and Hsueh Hsueh. Young Aunt tells Hsiao Tung a story about “Lai Pao”, making Hsiao Tung deeply believe, if only he goes to be the son of the sea god, then it may save the crisis of his parents’ marriage. Finally, in the evening of Hsueh Hsueh’s birthday, Hsiao Tung promises Hsueh Hsueh to go to fined Mother, then he goes to the sea, never returning. Young Aunt henceforward never believes in marriage, and separates from her boy friend, and when her boy friend goes to the United States to study, she still stays in Taiwan alone, remembering Hsiao Tung, and writes a book for him known as “When the Ocean Is Blue”. Original Author: Liao Ching-Sung, Chang Man-Chuan Narrated by: Hsiao Yeh, Wang Tao, Lin Yueh-Yun, Chen Wei-Hsin, Pa An

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