• 203
  • The Secret Pearl
  • Year of Production: 1983
  • Director: Ao-Xun JIN
  • Casting: Ching-Hsia LIN、Yueh SUN、Blacky KO
  • Synopsis During the eight-year Sino-Japanese war, the Japanese forces run amuck in China. At the German military post in Ching Dao, the Chinese espionage team works diligently against the enemy, while trying to smuggle goods for their troops. One girl secretly works underground and opens a bar called Pearl, which attracts people from all over, including gangster Sun-Yue, and drifter Hsiao Hei. One day, a batch of munitions is planned for shipment out from the German military warehouse. The girl wants to intercept the shipment and comes up with a plan to steal secret documents from the German Commander. But she needs Sun-yue’s help. As they try to carry out this secret mission, she learns firsthand that war has its casualties.

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