• Hanson,My Son
  • Year of Production: 1986
  • Director: Yi CHANG
  • Casting: Hsia CHIANG、Hsing-Wen LI、Chung-YI TUAN、Fang-Tsen LIN、Ching-Ching WANG
  • Synopsis Han-Son is an engineer’s son and loved by his parents. As he is grown up, however, he is always a top trouble-maker—In his unlocking testing, he almost causes a fire. He writes lots of letters courting his charming teacher. The charming lady turns to his parents with bundles of Han-Son’s courting letters. Han-Son’s younger sister is a nice girl. As Han-Son becomes a university student, he has a girlfriend by the name of Tseng Hui. Anyhow, he complains about everything. When he completes military service, he is upset by every job he does. In his taxi driver career, he has a quarrel with his father which leads to an accident. Through careful consideration, Han-Son’s parents decide to sell their house to get money for Han-lin (Han-Son’s sister) to study abroad, and to provide the rest money to Han-Son to run a book store. They have a mixed feeling—How touch a job to be parents.

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