• In A Strange City
  • Year of Production: 1994
  • Director: Chi YIN
  • Casting: Winston CHAO、Kuei-Mei YANG
  • Synopsis Yu Jane, a high school teacher and Xiang Guo-Chen, a successful industrialist, are secretly baving an affair outside of his marriage. Xiang is on his way to a political career. His campaign advisor wants him to break off his relationship with Yu so to present himself as a candidate with an untarnished image. Xiang arranges to meet Yu at a distant city for the last time. Being away from their normal environment, the two are free to enjoy each other’s love and passion more than ever. The affair thus continues and the strange city subsequently becomes their regular, rendezvous. Every time Yu Jane visits the city, is foreibly reminds her of her brother who died in a foreign country. Also, being able to see the innocent side of Xiang in the strange city somehow confuses her. Yang Dan-Zi, a troubled student in Yu Jane’s class, gains Yu’s curiosity and sympathy with her unusual background and personality. Yu feels she can relate to Yang in many circumstances. Nan-nan, Yu’s best friend, tries to talk Yu into investing in her herbal medicine business. Jimmy, Nan-nan’s new boyfriend and a rising pop singer, reads Yu as a romantic and becomes fond of her. Before long, Jimmy tells Yu that Nan-nan has fled the country with all the investment money, which Yu jane finds in hard to believe. Xiang is shot and wounded during his campaign rally. It soon becomes a media frenzy. Yu Jane, finding herself pregnant, pays a visit at Xing’s residence, where she discovers that the shooting incident was a conspiracy as part of Xiang’s campaign stretagy. Yu Jane then realizes her relationship with Xiang is also a sham. Yu Jane is suddenly notified of Yang Dan-Zi’s suicide. She is shocked and saddened by this occurrence. While Xiang is being blackmailed by the mobsters who contributed to his conspiracy. Yu Jane is going throught her abortion in a clinic. Under sedetion, she is lost in the reminiscence of the days and nights in that far away strange city.

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