• Rebels Of The Neon God
  • Year of Production: 1992
  • Director: Ming-Liang TSAI
  • Casting: Chao-Jun CHEN、Yu-Wen WANG、Kang-Sheng LEE、Chang-Bin JEN、Tien-MIAO、Hsiao-Lin LU
  • Synopsis Hsiao-Kang decides not to participate in the college entrance examination. He takes a refund on his cram school tuition, and opts for the bright light of downtown Taipei. He comes across Ah-Tze, who he clearly remembers as the bike-riding vandal who once hit the family taxicab. Hsiao-Kang follows Ah-Tze and his girlfriend Ah-Kwei through the heavy rain to a hotel and quietly plots to haunt Ah-Tze’s beloved motorcycle. Ah-Tze discovers the limits of his luck; not only is his motorbike mysteriously destroyed, but his best friend, Ah-Bing is beaten up. And he has fallen in love with Ah-Kuei. But Hsiao-Kang’s fates are no better. His father has kicked him out for quitting school, and now he does not know where to go.

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