• An Ocean Too Deep
  • Year of Production: 2001
  • Director: Kuang-Yuan PAN、Chi-Ku YEH
  • Casting: Tong WANG、Christopher DOWNS、Chi-Tsan WANG、Shih-Peng SHEN、Ben-Yu CHANG
  • Synopsis This is a story from the pages of a guidebook, about that little gap that exists between cities and people. Alex is an American travel column writer who comes to the east coast of Taiwan to do a report on whale watching. He forgets his passport and money on a bus, and as a result, is stuck in a little coastal village waiting for his new passport and documents to be sent to him. Hsiao Qi is a 17-year-old Taiwanese high schooler. One day, she discovers that she is pregnant, decides to go to the Pacific coast and end her own life. But her suicide attempt is foiled by a young Taiwan aborigine who rescues her and brings her to the same little village. Ah Peng is the local authority of this quiet village. Alex’s and Hsiao Qi’s unexpected arrivals are an unwelcome disturbance for him. He hopes to marry his girlfriend Hsiao Jun, Hsiao Mao’s older sister, but Hsiao Jun’s grandmother requires him to follow their tribal traditions and not only enter their family and take on their last name, but to remain in the village as well. Ah Peng, however, dreams of moving to Taipei and furthering his career in the big city. The friendships and conflicts that develop between these individuals make for a few weeks of cultural, romantic, and self discovery, all set against the beautiful backdrop of the eastern coast of Taiwan.

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