• Lonely Hearts Club
  • Year of Production: 1995
  • Director: Chih-YEN YEE
  • Casting: Bin-Bin PAI、Kuei-Mei YANG、Hsien-Tang YANG、Neil FENG、I-Chun PAN
  • Synopsis Ms. Chen is a middle-aged working housewife not unlike most Taipei women of her status. She has a teen-aged daughter whose insolence lies in her preoccupation with her English professor and a husband who seeks excitement in liaisons with their next-door neighbor. Adding to her list of concerns is Chen’s purportedly senile mother-in-law, a silly old woman who needs attention more than supervision. Chen’s life is sheer drudgery until the day she meets Long, a young office boy with a coy smile and a discreet gay preference. Spurred by her colleague Miss Lin, who is immediately attracted to Long, Chen also casts her hopes for romantic escape on this new office boy. As the hopelessness of her infatuation appears clearer and clearer to th audience, her desperate attempts to come to grips with her last chance to escape from a woman’s destiny become more and more comically tragic.

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