• Sunny Doll
  • Year of Production: 2000
  • Director: Chi-Hsiung CHEN
  • Casting: Kang-Yi LEE、Chih-Wei FAN、Shu-Shen HSIAO、Kang-Sheng LEE
  • Synopsis Synopsis Hsin-he, a high school sophomore who can get along just fine on her own, lives with her father. At school, the days pass slowly by, as if in perpetual anticipation…One day, just when her mind is Wandering off yet again in the middle of math class, the teacher assigns her to be the student teacher. Hsin-he, a self-acknowledged math dunce, is left frustrated and annoyed. Knowing this, Teacher Tan orders that Fang Ke-lei, a male classmate who is a math whiz and student teacher of a different class, tutor Hsin-he in math and that Hsin-he assist Ke-lei with administrative tasks. Ordered to work together like this, the two find themselves not getting along; Ke-lei is reticent and arrogant, and Hsin-he writes him off as an egomaniac. Hsin-he thinks that he won’t be back to tutor her again, and she can go back to her happy, solitary life. But one day, Ke-lei shows up unexpectedly on the school bus. Making a sincere effort, he says that he has decided to use this time to tutor her. But he explains that on rainy, he will still take his family car. It’s the rainy season, and Hsin-he is sitting by herself on the school bus. Whether it’s at school, at home, or on the street, she keeps feeling this inexplicable discomfort, perhaps due to the oppressive, wet weather. So she makes a miniature “sunny doll” to ask for sunny weather…..

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