• Tonight Nobody Goes Home
  • Year of Production: 1996
  • Director: Sylvia CHANG
  • Casting: Hsiung LUNG、Ya-Lei GUEI、Rene LIU、Kuei-Mei YANG
  • Synopsis We all know that yawning is contagious, but to the Chen family, contagiousness extends to taking on an extra-marital affair. Mr. Chen is sixty years old, but still physically fit and full of charisma. He wants to be able to experience the vitality of a burning passion for one last once. The extra-familial affair is discovered…… The son is too busy to take heed of his father’s escapade and brushes it off as the common nature of men. The daughter has always viewed her parents as the ideal couple and her father’s affair has shattered all her confidence in the marriage system. And Mrs. Chen demands a divorce. Each member of the Chen family embarks on his or her own journey and the extra-familial affairs begin, each as glorious as the other……

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