• Spring Swallow
  • Year of Production: 1989
  • Director: Yao-Chi CHEN
  • Casting: Hsiao-Fen LU、Fu-Chien CHANG、Ching-T'ao MA
  • Synopsis The story depicts a dwarf who wanted to get married. Through the arrangement of his family, he was going to marry a girl, Peach. Peach rejected him in the beginning and gradually she was touched by his talents and thoughtfulness and finally accepted him. The dwarf’s age was about twentyish, a nice-looking, child-like man. He was very kind and usually he grazed the cattle and blew Suo Na, a Chinese brumpet in the funeral procession for a living. His family lived in a vallage where sugar cane was the main product. In this rather well-off family there were the parents, a brother, a sister and the dwart himself. Peach was born and grew up in the neighboring vallage and was usually busy with the work on the farm and in the house. Her father was a gambler, deep in debt. Once the creditors, some rascles, pushed her father to return the money and threatened that they would sell Peach to the whore house if her father can not return the money. The dwarf learned this and told his parents and his parents thought they could persuade Peach’s parents and let her marry the dwarf.

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