• The River
  • Year of Production: 1997
  • Director: Ming-Liang TSAI
  • Casting: Kang-Shen LEE、Tien MIAO、Hsiao-Ling LU、Chao-Jung CHEN、Shiang-Chyi CHEN
  • Synopsis In a Taipei apartment live Xiao-Kang and his parents. Each leads a separate life. The mother has a lover. Xiao-Kang has his own tryouts. The father pursues a solitary quest for illicit pleasures in the city’s gay saunas. They live together, but are miles apart. As an extra in a TV commercial, Xiao-Kang plays a body adrift in a dirty river. Ever since, an insufferable pains in his neck troubles him. Soon, the pains grows and dominates his life, physically and mentally. Meanwhile, the ceiling of his father’s room starts leaking…… Accompanied by his father, Xiao-Kang travels for seeking to ease his growing pains. His mother is left alone in Taipei to tackle the leak……The sickness and the leaks, are they the beginning or the end of an erosion of this family?

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