• A Woman And sever Husbands
  • Year of Production: 1990
  • Director: Terry TONG
  • Casting: Hsiao-Fen LU、Sung-Yung Chen、Sih-Ching Kao-Wah、Kuo-Tso CHANG、Yeh-Wang、Kwan-KWAN
  • Synopsis A peasant woman, Chiu-Ching Lee. In order to have enough money for her son’s wedding, volunteers to sell herself into the remote mountains. Little did she know that she had been bought by as many as seven men, too poor to wed properly. Arriving at the mountains without expecting to marry seven husbands, and suffering from daily hardships and struggles with her seven husbands, she makes several futile attempts to escape. Slowly she begins to understand the live of her seven husbands. Her hatred and fear towards them gradually become sympathy. The selling of women is a mercantile activity often seen in Mainland China Nevertheless, it is an illegal act harboring the possibility of arrest and imprisonment. Living under the constant fear of being sent to the border provinces for political reform this alleged family attempts to win the favor of the local official by risking their lives to hunt down a tiger. Finally Lee and her husbands marriage ends in tragedy.

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