• Drop Me @ Cat
  • Year of Production: 2002
  • Director: Mi-Sen WU
  • Casting: Shinji Takeda、Terry KWAN、Yu-Chen CHANG
  • Synopsis It’s the year 1999, the year before the millennium., Hei-shu’s cat is missing. At about the same time, a new neighbor moves in to an apartment upstairs. He strongly believes that his cat will come back some day. He later suspects that the cat has turned into a woman called Yokulut. Hei-shu He believes that he was Japanese in his previous life and was named “Tesuo”. There is a man shoes name is also “Tesuo” in the musicalband. Hei-shu, a long-term unemployed man, finally gets a job in a local musical band, performing at funerals and weddings. The irony is that no one in the band can play any musical instruments. One day, Hei-shu’s best friend, Tu-fei, lends him a porno VCD, which contains hidden camera filmed sex scenes. One of the scenes contains a 60 year-old woman having sex with a young man. He finds the old woman very attractive and familiar looking to him. She reminds him of his idol, Gao Ya-qi, a female news anchor. He shares a special world with Gao. From time to time, Gao talks to him personally on the TV screen. Later, she also warns Hei-shu better to keep his job. Otherwise, he might be4 one of the targets of the government’s conspiracy to terminate worthless individuals, especially the unemployed ones. Later, Hei-shu finds that Gao is also one of them… The crisis finally comes. Since Hei-shu and Tu-fei both cannot play any instruments, they’re afraid to be the next government targets so they try to learn their instruments and follow Gao’s instructions to avoid being exterminated. To make matters worse, Hei-shu’s mother has disappeared. On the eve of the millennium new year, every secret seems to have a different key to its mysteries…

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