• A Pinwheel Without Wind
  • Year of Production: 2002
  • Director: Te-Kai LIU
  • Casting: Xun ZHOU、Jeff CHANG、Hsin-Chih CHIU
  • Synopsis This story takes place in 1945 in mainland China, The young girl ZHAO Ningjing has fallen in love with her distant older cousin LIN Shuangran, even though he is already promised to another. But love knows no master, and the two are willing to face the difficult road they have chosen. However, fate toys with them as only fate can do, and their overly cautious behavior as well as others’ ill intentions combine to force this romance ultimately, sadly, to come to a close. At this point, ZHAO has no choice but to wed a wealthy man whom she does not love, HSIUNG Yingsheng. HSIUNG is a narrow-hearted individual who knows that LIN is his competition and deliberately sets him up for failure. LIN leaves his hometown and disappears from the scene. Then follow the political upheavals of the era. It is now 20 years later, and ZHAO and LIN unexpectedly encounter each other in Hong Kong. LIN finds out that after ZHAO married HSIUNG, she refused to have children, and as a result, was virtually exiled from her own marriage. Her life has become nothing more than a series of hollow, meaningless days. LIN remained single but is now a sick old man nearing his 50’s. These two former lovers meet up with the hope of making up for lost time—but find that they are left with few remnants of their youthful passion. Nevertheless, ZHAO is determined not to lose her love once again and consequently divorces HSIUNG, intending to spend her remaining years with LIN. But LIN’s love for her means that he has different plans for their future…

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