• He And She
  • Year of Production: 2001
  • Director: Huey-Ling UANG
  • Casting: Saya CHANG、Jason TARNG、Ing-Chyi JOU、Yah-Lan CHEN
  • Synopsis Saya, an aboriginal girl from A-mei tribe, had been dreaming about becoming a successful singer. Before any golden opportunity struck her, she tried all sorts of temp jobs including being an extra, modeling, singer at a local pub, and working for fast-food restaurant, mainly for survival. She simply hoped she could perform on stage and became a Cinderella some day. Jason, the only son from a wealthy family, grew up overseas and protected. For three “mothers” in this family, Jason’s future marriage is far more important than anything else in the world. The day before he went back to Taipei for his wedding, the couple had had some quarrels and his to-be-bride had run away. Jason’s mother was worried about the family’s “face” and pride, also afraid of becoming two concubines’ laughing stock. She then, using money in exchange, persuaded Saya, whom she ran into while the latter was a model in the wedding shop, to act as Jason’s bride during the wedding ceremony. They two agreed to “fake” this marriage for a month. Saya and Jason showed tremendous hostility toward each other in the very beginning, yet started to grow on each other as time passed by. During a trip back to the tribe, Jason realized Saya is a mother of a daughter. Three of them developed strong attachment and affections. However, Jason’s mother soon found out that Saya was a mother of a daughter, and strongly opposed to their relationship. She further rescinded the agreement between her and Saya. Saya had no choice but left sadly. Jason then understood Saya was the love of his life, yet had to face all the obstacles between them two…

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