• The Story Of Taipei Women
  • Year of Production: 1991
  • Director: Ren WANN
  • Casting: Ming-Ming SU、Jiunn-Shen CHENG、Tray LIN、Jiang TZENG
  • Synopsis If your mother’s old flame suddenly proposed to you, what should you do? If your lover suddenly proposed to your daughter, what should you do? If a pair of father and son fall in love with one woman at the same time, what should they do? [ROUGE] is a love story describing the dispute between two pairs of mother and daughter crisscrossing three generations. The woman in the story who grew up in a single parent family is also an unwed mother – Chih Chun, a woman with strong character, daring and determined, independent and initiative, with fine feelings. Because of an immature love during her teens, she was forced to become a mother and father at the same time, armoring herself outside all emotions for the sake of her daughter and life, exertively fighting a space for herself. Chih Chun’s mother is a woman who after separating with her boy friend, escaped from Shanghai to Taiwan. Although she had gone through the ups and downs of being very rich and from suffering deprivation and hardship, it didn’t change her spoiled nature in Shanghai and continued seeking for happiness and well-being. The daughter of Chih Chun – Tao Tao, who has all the faults and good qualities of a young woman, has accumulated all the love of her grandmother and mother, and also the source of youth and happiness of this family. Although grandmother and mother’s love have made up for the lack of father’s love since growing up in a family without any man, but it seems this family was cursed by a certain incomplete love. When the old flame of the grandmother appears with his son, these pair of father and son who have graceful bearing and attractive disposition fall in love with all the women in this house, causing the already unstable foundation of this castle to shake, and a circle of entanglement began between the three generations of mothers and daughters’ love life. [ROUGE] is a story that has another explanation regarding love, intimacy, and friendship, at the same time brought up the critical and turning points of the single nobilities, single parent family, and unwed mothers in the modern metropolis.

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