• Robinson's Crusoe
  • Year of Production: 2002
  • Director: Cheng-Sheng LIN
  • Casting: Leon DAI、Shiang-Chyi CHEN、Feng-Shu CHANG
  • Synopsis I am Robinson, My disposable living necessities are provided by the hotel. Isn’t it great to live in a place, somewhere I can leave dirty and messy in the morning and automatically becomes tidy after I come back everyday. When I just met Vicky, my girlfriend, she seeks the feel of “home” more than anything else. The only thing I can do is take her to the hotel I stay and make love with her. I never tell her this is where I live permanently. I organize a team to sell houses. Our team specializes in writing the entire marketing proposals for building owners, packaging, promotions, and the sales. We all have our unique specialties and various backgrounds. From rags to riches, we developed a strong family tie, but I never interferer with their personal lives. Well, sometimes I have to For example, Billie is always in love and lovelorn can’t help but care about her when seeing her eyes full of sorrowful tears. As for Benny, he can fix up anything except his own wife. Every time he cheated on his wife, he got caught. And then he came to me and asked for help. Can I just sit there and ignore it? I found Crusoe Island at a website where it sells Islands. Somehow I just instantly believed the Island can help me turn over a new life.

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