• Autumn Temnpest
  • Year of Production: 1988
  • Director: Yu-Shan HUANG
  • Casting: Shou-Yen CHIANG、Ching-Huang YANG
  • Synopsis Accustomed to the life of a young master. Wen Hsieng is forced to compromise under the pressure of family members, and arranges to go to the mountain temple to study. The environment in the temple makes it difficult for him to adapt to. Wen Hsiang grumbles with grievance, and can only pass the time by full lessons. On the other hand, be feels disgusted with the flattery, scruples of the nuns about him, but one woman makes him have intimacy. Shu pi, the girl expelled by her husband’s home owing to “no pregnancy” takes very good care of Wen Hsiang, and Wen Hsiang is contented with the happiness of being concerned and loved, to lessen his unpleasant feelings brought about by his inability to adapt to the environment. Fallen mountain wind begins, violent wind blows, and it is a sun-shining day. Wen Hsiang unintentionally intrudes into the clothes drying yard, and what attracts him is the closely attached undergarments in the wind of the sister attracting him with undue publicity. Oh! The inducement of sensual desire, like cancer cells, erodes his peaceful mind! Shaken with original passion, cannot silently study any more! Bewilderness, absent-mindedness, fancies describe his sense of love for sister. Wen Hsiang unable to pull himself out the sensual desire expands and overflows in his beart lake like waves! The attraction of Shu Pi’s night bath becomes the image for Wen Hsiang to let out his sensual desire, and this bridge of communication makes near the distance between the two. During the period when the master goes down the mountain for medical treatment, the two greedily eat to the full the game from hunting. Wen Hsiang expresses his feeling of love, and Shu Pi satisfactorily accopts the gentleness of the pure true boy. These two virile, beautiful Buddhists, the abnormal love, one is to play with fire, and the other is madly to burn self. Haster returns to the mountain. Shu Pi intends to terminate such intercourse, she knows the evil sentiment will destroy the whole life of Wen Hsiang. She bates deeply her senseless husband for deserting her like trash and in one dispute, owing to protection of Wen Hsiang, Shu Pi’s abdomen is beaten by her husband to have a miscarriage. She sighs for favor and disfavor in the world, resolutely determines to become a Buddhist nun to atone for sin, and Wen Hsiang, difficult to suppress his feeling of being hurt, the fallen mountain wind begins! Drop his fragile body!

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