• The Cabbie
  • Year of Production: 2000
  • Director: Yie-Wen CHEN
  • Casting: Jong-Herng CHIU、Rie Miyazawa、Leon DAI、Tsong-Sheng TARNG
  • Synopsis Aside from shrinks and priests, who else listens to people’s deepest, darkest secrets as often as cabbies do? SU Daquan’s home is his father’s taxi company, where there are always cabbies hanging around. Growing up in this environment, he naturally developed a great interest in driving at an early age. In adolescence, when his peers were driving scooters without licenses, he was driving a car without a license. For him, bad grades at school didn’t matter, but if he drove poorly or didn’t pass his driving test on the first try, now that would be something to be ashamed of for the rest of his life! Now a young man, he only loves cars, not women-until one day out of the blue he experiences love at first sight. From that point on, traffic violations, tickets, a revoked license, these are nothing to him, because all he wants is to win this girl’s heart… The young cabbie SU Daquan tells a lighthearted story through his life experiences.

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