• Hidden Whisper
  • Year of Production: 2000
  • Director: Vivian CHANG
  • Casting: Qi-SHU、Elaine JIN、Shu-Shen HSIAO、Leon DAI、Jeff CHEN、Ching-Ting HSIA
  • Synopsis Synopsis She’s five. She lives in a fantasy. Reality is too hard for her to understand, and she creates a fantasy world to escape the harshness of daily life, namely, her constantly fighting parents. Reality is the embarrassment of violence and humiliation in this dysfunctional family. But in the eyes of the little girl, it’s something else… She’s a rebellious 17-year-old and desires a change. She lives with her mother—or rather, they live together but in their separate worlds. She feels lonely and desperately wants to escape reality, so she steals ID cards and pretends to be other people. Then one day, a mysterious young man appears with no background, no identity, only a willingness to adventure with her… She is a woman of 30 with a secret that nobody can share. She comes to her mother’s sickbed, and their relationship turns from sarcastic quarrels to verbal violence to dead silence. But she has to compromise at some point before she becomes a mother herself…

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