• The Funny Vampire
  • Year of Production: 1986
  • Director: Kuo-Hsiao WU
  • Casting: Hsiao-Feng WANG、Yueh-Sheng CHIEN、Hsia HUANG、Chia-Nien CHANG
  • Synopsis Master Wang and his two trouble-making pupils are escorting a corpse. A lot of incredible events take place on the way. Master Chien is trying by all means to get urine of junior vampire to feed adult vampire. That is a tough job and takes lots of tortures. After all, however, he makes it. With the magic help of the junior vampire’s urine, the adult vampire becomes extremely formidable and well stands any attacks by knives and spears. A-kang, one of the pupils, on his way to shopping on a bicycle, falls into a deserted house, where he sees a strange-looking sachet. As he leaves the house, however, this sachet just follows him, wherever he is. A-kang consults a master. That master advises him that that sachet is a charming woman ghost trying to marry him. A-kang is almost scared to death. Anyway, having no other choice, he marries the ghost. During the wedding ceremony, the ghost makes all types of funs. During the wedding night, the woman ghost provides incredible charms and A-kang is basking in the incredible pleasure. But before the day-break, she disappears. The adult vampire is just destructing the whole village, killing lots of villagers. All masters and other villagers are dealing with the vampire by all means but, anyway, fail. At the most crucial moment, the ghost bride appears, and with her wholehearted powers and spells, the adult blasts in the air and the village regains its peacefulness.

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