• Taipei 21
  • Year of Production: 2003
  • Director: Alex YANG
  • Casting: Meng-Chin LIN、Hsin-Hung TSAI、Shui-Chuan WANG、Toshimitsu FUJII
  • Synopsis Hong and Jean have been in a relationship for 7 years. On Hong’s 27th birthday, Jean secretly makes a down payment on a small apartment. When Hong finds out what Jean has done, he is not happy. Hong tells her that they cannot afford such a heavy financial commitment. Since the beginning of their relationship, Jean had always wanted a home of their own. Hong’s reaction greatly disappoints Jean. She starts to doubt that she and Hong have a future. Despite having invested 7 years, Jean wonders if they should separate. The next seven days is the story of the crisis point in their relationship. Their deteriorating relationship is reaching its end… But, it is also a chance for a new beginning.

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