• The Butterfly Lovers
  • Year of Production: 2003
  • Director: Min-Chin TSAI
  • Casting: Elva HSIAO、Rene LIU、Jacky WU
  • Synopsis Back in the Jin Dynasty, when only males were allowed to attend school, a spirited young woman, Jo (Zhu Yingtai), disguises herself as a boy and leaves home to be educated. When she sets off, Jo meets handsome Leon (Liang Shanbo), a fellow student she quickly becomes friends with. While at school, Jo falls in love with Leon, but before Jo can tell Leon the truth about her identity, obnoxious rival Winston (Ma Wen Tsai) finds out that Jo is a girl and uses his powerful father’s influence to force Jo’s parents to arrange their marriage. Jo is forced to decide between protecting her family or being with her true love. Despite the bleak situation, Jo finds out that the magic of true love can overcome all.

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